Shawn Brelvi is a performing artist from Montville, New Jersey. 

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|Prescription| - "Mind Control" [11/12]

|Prescription| - "Mind Control" [11/12]

The political system and media is broken in America. This piece revolves around gun control.

"Mind Control"

This is not partisan

Can you not put politics aside?

Realize innocent people are dying

Why can’t we do anything?


You’d think that after Columbine or Sandy Hook people would change

Twenty kindergarteners mowed down

Their lives stifled by rifle; snubbed with a gun

Who cares about, “Oh well he had mental health issues” and “This isn’t about gun control”


It is about both of these things so why are we arming people senselessly

We shouldn’t be giving guns to people with a mental past

Instead we can have better background checks

If you’re upset that we need them in the first place you do not deserve a gun


Guns are depictions of violence and murder

It’s so easy for those unheard and unreported on to get them

Mental health second, gun control first

Vice versa


Maybe if we taught men to not act out in violence we wouldn’t see this happening

Every mass shooter in recent history has been a male

Why can’t we analyze that?

It’s because men are taught by society to hold in their emotions


“You’re the strong one if you don’t cry”

You immature child

Why is it okay for women to cry at every misstep but men have to stay stoic?

Rationalize it to me and don’t hide behind your contrived societal norms


We are all human

This isn’t a gendered issue but we need to flip the switch

We are all human and deserve to be heard

It is absurd people’s genitals get in the way of that realization


We live in a nation born out of rebellion

Here’s my statement

Forgo party lines

Democrat and Republican create schisms


It is okay to be socially left and fiscally right

Left and right are archaic and here to stay

Moderate is what we need to be

Moderate discussion with those unlike your own

Moderate in our words for we don’t want to step on your toes


The news cycle fulfills its prophecy of heresy

Glorifying and humanizing lone wolves

Our president calls for the death of a domestic terrorist because he’s an “ISIS people”


Get out of your box

I’ve stepped out of mine and it’s time for you to do the same

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