Shawn Brelvi is a performing artist from Montville, New Jersey. 

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|Prescription| - "Hopefuls" [12/12]

|Prescription| - "Hopefuls" [12/12]

Following the 2017 municipal elections I was rejuvenated.

*** Thank you to everyone who comes to this website. This project means a lot to me since it is what I want to see and what I want my children to see. Hopefully you share this vision of equity. By sharing this you'll turn more people onto this viewpoint. While it may seem hopeless at times we must remember that we are fueled with hope wherever we go.

-Shawn Brelvi


We are winning

Across the nation in retaliation of nationalism

A transgender, a Sikh, an African-American woman, and many other underrepresented minorities took office

This makes me happy even in our worlds where we constantly face negativity

Financial holds, relationship goals not met, and feeling insufficient


What gets us through is hope.

Hope for better days where our problems don’t exist

The resistance we showcased is the hope that fuels me

In the face of evil we triumph


Trump and his legion of followers are not a bother

We know their warped ideology will be defeated


It’s not truly American to restrict voting, toting the exclusion of minorities, and letting it permeate their idiosyncrasies

They lack objective perspective.

While yes, it’s okay to vote with your wallet


Vote for your heart

Understand that we put a man in office who openly mocked a gold star family and took advantage of women

People cowered as the final hours of the election night painted this grim image

I was sad, and so were 65 million plus hopefuls who voted with their heart and in hope

Hope that we can provide healthcare to everyone and prevail against systematic oppression


We can do anything. We are American

You can’t spell that without “I can” because we can

We can trudge through rain to cast our one vote

Performing our civic duty


Realizing that equality and accessibility is what we seek. The price is high but we must progress

For then we regress into the state of this union

Becoming divided on hot button issues that can be solved with bipartisan discussion

Rushing to the brighter future we want

Rome wasn’t built in a day


Neither were the seeds planted from the hope Obama inspired

Conspiring against demagoguery and misandry

America, have hope in the idea of a perfect world

Yes, we can.

New Music and Poetry for 2018/2019 Season

New Music and Poetry for 2018/2019 Season

|Prescription| - "Mind Control" [11/12]

|Prescription| - "Mind Control" [11/12]