Shawn Brelvi is a performing artist from Montville, New Jersey. 

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|Prescription| - "Minority Complex" [10/12]

|Prescription| - "Minority Complex" [10/12]

For Halloween of 2017 I tried an experiment. These are my findings

"Minority Complex"

"What’s your costume?”

It shouldn’t be hard to explain that wearing all black isn’t a costume but I suppose it is

A costume that people unlike myself wear every day and face silence

Being black is just who you are so why should it be a costume


This thought experiment unveiled detriments effecting sentiments of unknowing humans

Black people can’t explain who they are because people are struck with fear

They wear this costume that wasn’t their choice but rather it’s a part of who they are

So why be afraid to know the unknown?


The unknown I scary and so are black people apparently

Break down this societal construct that black people are scary

They are people just like you and I

They are cultured and unheard which perturbs me as a fellow minority


Although my struggle isn’t theirs I can reconcile with denial of their own culture

Don’t want to buy into “brown” characteristics in fear of heuristics

I want to learn more about myself through my culture but my culture ostracizes others

That’s a problem


We as people should not be afraid to be who we are for people lack understanding

They don’t understand

What it’s like to feel powerless

To have to conform in order to be recognized


To see your peers jeer at your cultural garb

To hear offhand comments made because of who you are

How would you feel if white people always had a negative connotation?

In this nation bound by stars and stripes riddles with scars and fights


There’s a reason why they kneel

A reason why we create these spaces to release expression

Nobody wants to know the unknown

Complacent with ignorant thinking


Drinking the poison culture feeds us

Inclusivity and exclusivity apparently go hand in hand

We don’t share our stories to isolate

We share so people can relate


Feel irate on our behalf because you, those not oppressed, hold the real power

You may not feel this way, saying we’re blowing it out of proportion

How would you know what it’s like to get padded down as a child?

Each and every time you travel and it only gets more frequent with age


How would you know what it’s like to be thought of as inferior due to your exterior?

You do not know

Do not say, “But no I actually do”

You are actually the problem


Perpetuating this learned tolerance of those unlike yourselves

You tolerate this language, hearing it echoed from the masses

Forget about it when you go to classes

This feeling never passes and we care about you as much as you care about you


Don’t misconstrue this for hatred

Can you blame us?

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