Shawn Brelvi is a performing artist from Montville, New Jersey. 

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|Prescription| - "Clockwork" [8/12]

|Prescription| - "Clockwork" [8/12]

The cyclical nature of the systemic issues we face is a result of our complacency.



What is it worth?

“A financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent

A torrential rain of websites laundering clicks from gubernatorial wanton

Tick tock the clock goes as their time runs thing

Lacking oxygen, rations, and passion for they are commoditized


“Over half a million refugees pour into Bangladesh”

Over half the price slashed on these vegan juicers

These futures stifled in search of capital

Radical that AdSense makes sense to the corporations

Nations razed, families raped, and children’s mouths agape

“Here, let’s get this on tape”


It happens in America, Africa, Asia and more

We deplore the objectification subconsciously but share and like away consciously

As refugees venture into foray with little aid from global forces

The please go unheard and numbers go up in the third quarter

“Conflict, although morbid, makes us money.”


When their noses are runny with blood instead of phlegm

Running form your country because you don’t belong

How long can we witness this in silence?

Writhing, for we wonder when our time will come


As prophet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote while jailed in Birmingham,

“Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.”

We know these problems are present yet we do nothing constructive

As we are fed sophisms from destructive politicians on a mission to cleanse what they feel is impure


Yet, the purity of the forgotten souls is what we must see

These displaced race for shelter helter-skelter with not enough help offered

Change your conscience and feel the tension boil under your skin

For what will our kin say when they realize we were the bystanders?

|Prescription| - "Cloth" [9/12]

|Prescription| - "Cloth" [9/12]

|Prescription| - "Landfill" [7/12]

|Prescription| - "Landfill" [7/12]