Shawn Brelvi is a performing artist from Montville, New Jersey. 

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|Prescription| - "Landfill" [7/12]

|Prescription| - "Landfill" [7/12]

As a child, I was always told people in India and other developing nations would kill to be in our position.


It’s better than it seems

Fret for your dreams aren’t fulfilled

Regret that your seams are uncomfortable

“My home is a landfill”

It’s better than it seems


Burning garbage and cyclical carnage plague those deemed insignificant

Foraging for sustenance in the last war’s airdrop

Wondering when rain will fall instead of bombs

Napalm for mom

Apache for father

Five shots for his daughter and amputation for brother


Physically incapable but mentally unbreakable

Those stories fill the bookshelves of our conscious

Each page fading with time for the spine corrodes

Leaving a plethora of unmasked injustice


For the one brother I saw get pulled over by five cops

For the vacant daughter

For the flagrant bothers that are fostered

For the foster care children with no home

Our home is a landfill


Riddled with withered daffodils and fulfilled corporate promises

Remus and Romulus betrayed the plebian

Yet the display of courage is all that is needed

Heed the words of others and listen


Perk up for their dreams and stitch up the seams

For it’s better than it seems




|Prescription| - "Clockwork" [8/12]

|Prescription| - "Clockwork" [8/12]

|Prescription| - "Terrorist" [6/12]

|Prescription| - "Terrorist" [6/12]